Lou Brown

Students in all fifty states have long regarded the training, systems and forms created by Louis Brown at the best in the industry, across Canada and ten foreign countries including as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  Quoted as an expert by many publications and authors, “Lou” draws from a wide and varied background as a real estate investor having been buying property since 1977. 

He’s invested in Single-family homes, apartments, hotels, developed subdivisions and built and renovated homes and apartments.  Each of these experiences has given him a proving ground for the most cutting edge concepts in the real estate investment industry today.  He’s widely known as a creative financing genius with his deal structuring concepts.  Being a teacher at heart he enjoys sharing his discoveries with others. 

He has served the industry in many volunteer positions such as past President and designated lifetime member of the Georgia real estate investor association, the worlds largest investor group with over 3,200 members.  He was also founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association, which serves as the umbrella association of local investor groups. Husband, Father, Author, Lecturer, Inventor, Investor, Builder, Designer and real estate expert are all descriptions of this exciting trainer.

Donna Bauer

Donna Bauer, nationally known as The NoteBuyer, is one of the country's most recognized authorities on Discounted Notes, Seller Financing, and Defaulted Notes. For over two decades, she has shared her exclusive wealth-building strategies and helped thousands of individuals to create, build, and maintain financial freedom.

Donna's extensive real estate background enables her to bring a wealth of knowledge to her students and uniquely qualifies her to integrate her exclusive create note buying strategies into all areas of real estate investing. Her experience includes the management of single-family homes, an office park, downtown high rise, and 400-500 unit apartment complexes. In addition to her own extensive investment career involving both residential and commercial notes and properties, she has facilitated thousands of transactions as a real estate paralegal, as the owner of a title company, and as a personal mentor to investors across the country.

The Note Queen. for more information please visit her website

 Cameron Dunlap

Cameron Dunlap began his investing career back in 1993. His very first deal was a rehab project and he walked away with $12,000 in his pocket. Although it took nearly 16 weeks to complete, he's never looked back and continues to invest in real estate today. He knew from that experience that this would be his passion.

After only a few years in the business, Cameron Dunlap had done more deals than most people do in a lifetime. He had amassed millions and soon people were asking him for advice on how he was doing it. He was invited on stage by one his close mentors to share his story and his experience with a few students. His down-to-earth personality and get things done attitude resonated with the audience and soon he realized how much of an impact he had on people.

- Cameron Dunlap Real Estate Investor

In 1995, he started speaking and teaching individuals how to properly invest in real estate. To this day, Cameron Dunlap speaks to real estate investors and clubs across the country. As an active real estate investor, Cameron understands the challenges his students face on a daily basis. The real estate market changes every day, so Cam is constantly finding ways to overcome the challenges most investors have.

One of those challenges was finding properties. This can be very time consuming. He developed a system that attracts, manages and trains bird dogs to find the right kinds of properties so that investors can focus their time of other real estate related activities. Soon after, he also came out with a funding program that allows students to use his money for quick flips all because it's become so hard to get a loan.

Another amazing tool that Cameron Dunlap has created is a cash buyer system. Each month this system compiles a list of all the cash buyers throughout the nation who have bought a property with CASH. This is an amazing data feed because it allows investors to seek out cash buyers for their real estate deals. He also has a private lender data feed that does basically the same thing but with private lenders nationwide.

 Mike Torres


In 1980 a young man named Mike Torres came to America with one mission, to buy his mom a house.  In addition to buying his mom a home, he built a thriving real estate business by approaching the market in a unique way. Today MTI Education helps people from all walks of life reach their dreams by teaching them a time proven method that’s worked for him and his family for the last 15 years. His secret key: Investing in real estate using the probate court system in America. During his teaching career, he bought his first probate home and earned over $130,000 PROFIT in less than 2 months.  This check represented more than 3 times his yearly teacher’s salary.  His life changed forever.

With a healthy curiosity and fascination in real estate, he began to study how to invest in real estate in America.  Using the court systems in the US, he quickly learned how to identify great buying opportunities with motivated sellers. Soon thereafter, he went from a teacher to a millionaire in his early 30’s, by investing in probate.  It wasn’t long until he began teaching and empowering friends, family and students in his immediate circles. Mike lives in Long Beach with his wife Molly and their kids Michael (9 years old) and Hannah (12 years old).  In his own words he is “blessed with health, spirit, family and wealth” and looks forward to sharing his secrets.

 Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy Kennebrook is the ultimate success story. She spent 12 years in the banking industry and another ten in sales logging thousands of miles each year in order to make a living before discovering the world of real estate. After attending some real estate seminars and club meetings this 4 foot 11 mother of two got really excited and turned on and before you know it she had bought and sold over 250 single family houses using none of her own money or credit.

Kathy holds a degree in accounting and co-authored the book Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor which also includes real experts Donald Trump, Suze Orman and Ron LeGrand. She developed a direct mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds begging her to buy their properties. She is the nations leading expert at finding motivated sellers using many types of direct mail marketing. She is known throughout the United States and Canada as the Marketing Magic Lady. She has put together a simple step-by- step system that anyone can follow to duplicate her success.

Kathy will show you how she generates an upper six figure income by mailing a handful of letters throughout the year to highly selected targets by knowing exactly what to send them, who to send them to and exactly how to deliver it.

The secrets that she is discovered will increase your business several fold if you implement them and make it easier for you to find the highest number of motivated sellers with the least amount of work. The philosophy The Less I Do, The More I Make is incorporated into her life and into the system you will be hearing about.

 Sue Nelson


Sue Nelson, Founder of REO Note Profits, teaches her clients to create massive wealth through the purchase or flipping of commercial real estate REOs and notes at the unbelievably discounted prices available right now, regardless of your experience in real estate.

It is all about getting the deal and structuring the deal. Your profit is made when you buy. Once you find and control the deal, the money you can make with that deal is astronomical. This guide gives you all of the tools you need to find the deal, analyze the deal, create your offer, and exit or hold and fund the deal for massive profits. Again, regardless of your experience!

Sue Nelson is a professional commercial real estate investor. She has been a teacher for over 12 years and is one of the country’s leading educators in commercial real estate and note acquisition. She holds nothing back in this training, sharing all of her secret techniques to finding and adding enormous value to commercial real estate.

You may be familiar with Sue and her wealth building strategies from her appearances on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX television. Now she brings these closely guarded secrets home to you. Here’s to you and your success!

 Al Aiello

Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Broker:

Al has been a real estate investor for over 25 years. He first got his real estate license and went on to broker millions of dollars of real estate.

He then got his CPA by passing the first time; then got his Masters in Taxation graduating with the highest honors in this rigorous program.

He was immediately hired as adjunct professor where he taught partnerships, corporations, asset protection and real estate taxation (a course that he suggested, created and developed).

Al Aiello has thousands of students across the country who uses his strategies to pay little or taxes, to audit-proof their returns against the IRS and to protect their assets.

Al Aiello is known to have a character of high integrity; is professional, congenial, and well-liked by seminar participants. His presentations are not only highly informative but entertaining,

  Wendy Patton

How Wendy Got Started in Real Estate Investing

At the age of 21, Wendy started investing in real estate. Like most young adults she was single, broke, thinking "corporate America" was her only future. She graduated from college, was hired for that corporate America "dream job", but was $20,000 in debt. She found real estate investing and realized that Corporate America wasn't the golden path to what she wanted.

When Wendy began investing in real estate, she didn't fully understand her financing options, so she started purchasing real estate investment properties on her credit cards.

Now let's invite Wendy to share the rest of her real estate investing story:

"At that time I didn't know of any better way to invest. I did not have the assistance or availability of coaches and instructors. I wish I knew then, what I know now about investing in real estate and creative seller financing.

By the time I was in my early twenties, I had more than $200,000 on my credit cards! I then got married, had twins and found myself to be a single mother, all within a short time span. Over the next few years I accumulated more properties while working full-time in the corporate world. Imagine how happy my young twins were to be able to view hundreds of real estate properties with me

I needed to make a living, and make it fast to pay off the credit card debt I had accumulated. I came to specialize in creative seller financing techniques like: lease options, subject tos, land contracts and seller financing. So why these techniques?

Because like many of you, I didn't have the money or the credit I needed to buy in a conventional way. Now, with the lending industry the way that it is, most real estate investors can't buy properties without being creative. These techniques are crucial for today's real estate investor.

I enjoy teaching and sharing with audiences all over the US, and recently in the UK, and have taught tens of thousands on how to invest in real estate with little or no money out of their pocket. Real estate investing is my passion, and I love helping others to achieve financial freedom through property."

Wendy has been in HGTV "My House is Worth What?", and is the author of 4 books in the US and 1 in the UK (www.Lease Options Made Simple.co.uk) on creative seller financing.

 Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, San Diego, California, and Boca Raton, Florida.

In his role, Kent leads the company’s dynamic sales organization, including hundreds of sales professionals nationwide, in delivering on the company’s strong commitment to excellent, personalized customer care.

REWW offers its customers a cutting-edge advantage, with a curriculum that is steeped in award winning, and proven, real estate systems that are used by Mr. Clothier and his team, as well as national data on real estate cash buyers and private lenders.

In addition to his primary role with REWW, Kent Clothier also owns and operates a multi-million dollar series of Internet marketed brands: 1-800-SELL-NOW, Find Cash Buyers NOW and Find Private Lenders NOW. Each brand focuses on helping real estate investors and agents to reach a specific marketing niche.


Before Real Estate Worldwide, there was Memphis Invest, a company operated by Kent Clothier, his two brothers and his father. Today, Memphis Invest is one of the largest real estate investment companies in the country, having bought, and sold, over 600 residential investment properties in 2012 alone.

Early Success

Kent Clothier achieved success early on by rising up the corporate ladder at one of the nation’s largest grocery distribution companies. By age 23, Mr. Clothier had taken over the organization’s day-to-day sales and operations, where he grew the company’s annual sales to over $80 million. Not long after that, the firm was sold to a national competitor.

Due to Mr. Clothier’s impressive track record, the new and larger organization retained his services. In 2006, they promoted him to Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, and within 3 years the company boasted $1.8 billion in annual sales, making it the 7th largest, privately held company in the state of Florida.

for more information please visit: //kentclothier.com/about

 Lindsey Jean

The Making of Lindsey Jean

Lindsey Jean is the voice for Entrepreneurial Women.  As the founder and partner to numerous successful business ventures, she is devoted to empowering entrepreneurs from all around the world.

“I Failed Forward Fast”

In Lindsey’s own words, “From as far back as I can remember, I never seemed to do anything right.  It seemed as if everything I did I failed at.  I was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old and was labeled ‘a problem’; although many people have ADD or ADHD, my parents had a difficult time dealing with me.  My entire childhood I recall being told that I was ’difficult to be around‘, or that people ’needed a break from me‘. There were even times when my mouth was duct taped shut.  I really never thought I would have any level of success.

The constant comparison from her parents to her seemingly perfect sister left her feeling rejected from society until she found a connection with animals, specifically horses.  For the first time, she found something she was good at!  Her parents lack of finances motivated Lindsey to get a job at 13 years old so she could pursue her horse passion.

Working at such a young age set the foundation for Lindsey’s drive, desire and work ethic for success.  She quickly worked her way up the ranks, and at only 17 years old she was a nationally recognized trainer with multiple National titles.  Her decision to get married and start a family led her out of horses in into the business world.

“I was Unemployable”

“Training horses really spoiled me, I worked my own days and hours, I had an assistant at, I was the boss all at a very young age.  Leaving horses for the corporate world was a shock, and it became pretty obvious that I wasn’t really employable.  I fought with every boss because I thought they were missing opportunities or running operations inefficiently.  I didn’t like being told what to do, when to do it and I thought I should be paid a lot more.  Every job I quit within a few months of starting, one place I only lasted 3 days.”

Frustrated with a job, Lindsey jumped into being an entrepreneur with both feet, failure was not an option.  She started two businesses: one in construction and one in real estate. She quickly discovered what did and did not work as both businesses were her guinea pigs for wealth strategies.  It was a double dose of everything; when something worked it was like she hit the jackpot, when it didn’t, she took a double hit.

Lindsey’s first ‘a-ha moment’ happened when the economy shifted and the ‘real estate bubble burst’.  The economy was imploding, and she knew she needed to differentiate herself from the competition.  Lindsey branded and marketed both companies to a specific niche—Extremely Wealthy.

People were skeptical, others believed she was taking too great a risk because they made up less than 1% of the population.  But, she knew the wealthy would be able to survive an economic collapse better than anyone else.  She also knew that most people wanted “the best” and if she positioned herself with the ‘A Players’ everyone trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ would hire her too.  Her instincts were right again.

 Anthony Chara

Anthony Chara is a seasoned Real Estate investor that has successful investing and property management experience dating back to 1993. After 16 years working for a fortune 500 company and traveling extensively it was time for a change. Mr. Chara gave up his lucrative Area Manager position in which he managed 35 electronic technicians in 7 states and a $3M budget so he could spend less time traveling and more time creating wealth for his family. He started and sold several service oriented companies until turning to Real Estate investing full time in 2001.

Presently, he's a managing partner of Apartment Mentors, LLC and founder of Success Classes, LLC. He has owned or managed several successful multi-million dollar companies during the last 20 years. Mr. Chara owns properties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.

He has mentored several thousand aspiring RE investors. Mr. Chara also volunteers and supports several worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity.

Mr. Chara turned to Apartments full time in 2004 and along with additional investors he owns approximately 1200 apartment units around the country. These units range from 14 units in 1 complex in Oklahoma to 150 units in Shreveport. His most recent acquisitions include a 116 unit complex in Wichita, KS, (January, 2010), a 140 unit complex in Jackson, MS, (July, 2010) and a 120 unit complex in Nacogdoches, TX, (November, 2011).

 Jeff Kaller

Jeff Kaller was born in Brazil as a Missionary kid, graduated from Appalachian State University as a Business major with a degree in Resort and Hotel Management. After 15 years as a chef in the Caribbean and southeastern United States he decided to trade in the excruciatingly long restaurant hours for a career in Real Estate. ­is came after becoming enamored with the effects of a personal foreclosure prior to his investing career. ­The personal foreclosure sent him on a mission to save over 1 Million Families from foreclosure by short-selling hundreds of pre-foreclosure residential properties. ­e true testament to this can be found in his best selling book “Secrets to Short Sale Success”, which gained him notoriety as the Country’s Leading Authority in Short Sales from names such as Donald Trump. Jeff and his team has collectively negotiated over One Billion Dollars in Short Sales with defaulted residential properties. He has spent 15 ½ years of his life fully dedicated to preforeclosure properties and has developed techniques used in discounting that have permanently changed the way residential short sales are created in this country. Over 10,000 of his clients have successfully created 20% to 30% cash returns (many clients earning over $100,000 on one transaction) – all with zero money, no credit and very little experience. Currently Jeff has built an expansive network and internal team to negotiate pre-foreclosure properties on a national basis. He resides in St. Augustine, Florida, with his daughter Allie and wife Sofia, who is known in the real estate circles as “Mrs. Preforeclosure”.

 Duncan Wierman

After working at real estate investing the hard way, Duncan finally swore to himself that he’d had enough: He then invested serious time and money into using systems that would pay off in less aggravation, more time, and more profits! He became an expert in finding motivated sellers, hungry buyers, and private lenders through the Internet.Duncanwanted systems that meant… He could stop taking to UNMOTIVATED sellers. . Instead, the real motivated sellers now call him; He wanted to stop knocking on doors of people in pre-foreclosure. He didn’t have to compete head-to-head with other investors that had the same pre-foreclosure lists; Duncan’s systems now set him apart from the competition and he dominates his foreclosure market; His system provides instant credibility. Plus, all his follow up is automatic so he could capture information, prescreen , AND negotiate with the seller. Now callers are “half sold” even before Duncan ever speaks with them; Duncanwas no longer tied to the office, because his “Virtual Office” systems work from any web connection; He saved hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in real estate agent commissions, because his systems now do that work for him; and now he can sell a house in as little as 2 hours Duncansystems’ finds people with money to give him to do real estate deals. Now has all the money he needs, lined up and ready to go to make deals. Duncan also has some unique marketing methods to allow people to start getting checks in as little as 2 weeks from implementation.In short, Duncan lives that dream of automating the business to such a degree that his time is spent where it should be: Making offers. He uses his cutting edge of technology that outwits and outplays his competition!    


Ex-Olympic-level athlete turned business and real estate multimillionaire, David Finkel is one of the nation’s most respected wealth masters. A Wall Street Journal and Business Week best- selling author of over 40 business and investing books and courses, including the wildly successful Build a Business Not a Job, and co-authoring and The Maui Millionaires for Business.David is the founder and CEO of Maui Mastermind®, a community of successful entrepreneurs who help business owners build businesses they can sell, scale, or own passively. Over the past 20 years, David and the other Maui Advisors have personally started, scaled, and sold over $2 billion of businesses. His how-to financial articles have been reprinted in over 7,000 periodicals across the United States, and 110,000 business owners around the world subscribe to his weekly business owner eletter.A big believer that we grow wealthy by what we give, David continues to do all he can to link together some of the world’s most creative and talented entrepreneurs with important causes and charities around the world. So far the Maui community has raised over $10 million for 25 different charities around the world.  

Jack Shea

Jack is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker. He has done syndications and mobile home development. He also has bought and sold mortgages and notes on personal property. Jack has concentrated on buying and selling options on real estate, and has been and continues to be an active investor in single family houses and mobile homes. Jack operates a 1031 exchange facilitator business with his wife Merle, and son Daniel as well as conducts classes and briefings on the details of tax free sales and purchases. He has taught in the MBA program for FIT and to numerous investors around the country on the benefits of using lease purchase contracts, discounted note investments and using land trusts.

Tony Alvarez

Tony Alvarez has been a successful Real Estate Investor and Certified General Appraiser in Southern California area since 1981.

More importantly, Tony made a fortune buying and selling properties while working with professional real estate Agents that specialize in selling lender owned (REO) foreclosure properties. He did it all in seven years and in one of the lowest priced most depressed Southern California real estate markets, the Antelope Valley. Tony has purchased, rehabbed, rented and sold hundreds of properties from vacant land to condos, single family residences, apartments and commercial properties.

Bruce Norris

Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 30 years experience. Bruce has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner. Renowned for his ability to forecast long-term real estate market trends and timing, the release of The California Comeback report in 1997 gained him much notoriety and its accuracy of the extensive report led many California investors to financial freedom. His January 2006 release, The California Crash, was an in-depth look into the California market correction and the statistics behind Bruce’s predictions. In his latest 2010 report, Tip of the Iceberg, Bruce dissects government intervention and how it affects real estate professionals, potential dangers of current market manipulation, investment strategies by market price range, and micro insights into some of California most important markets. Bruce speaks and debates throughout California and has been a guest speaker at the California Association of Realtors, Inman, Housing Wire, California Builders Industry Association, California Association of Mortgage Bankers, REOMac, the Real Estate Research Council, and several local and national investment clubs. For the last several years, Bruce has hosted the award-winning series, I Survived Real Estate. The events bring together leaders from numerous real estate sectors to discuss legislation, stimulus-related issues, and solutions to the current downturn. The events have helped raise over $160,000 for the Susan G. Komen. Bruce is host of the award-winning Norris Group Real Estate Radio Showand Podcast on KTIE 590am where he interviews real estate industry leaders and economists. Guests have included the FBI, the MBA, Freddie Mac, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, John Mauldin, C.A.R., the Appraisal Institute, HUD, Foreclosure Radar, RealtyTrac, PIMCO, PMI Group, REDC, the National Auctioneers Association, and the Center for Responsible Lending to name a few. Bruce has contributed articles to many real estate magazines and newsletters including The Business Press, Scottsman Guide, Creative Real Estate Magazine, The Orange County Register, RealtyTrac’s Foreclosure Newsletter, AOA Magazine, and the Daily Commerce. He has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Nightline ABC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Good Morning America, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Mortgage Banker Magazine, Money Magazine, Reuters, Associated Press, The Orange County Register, The Tribune, and numerous others.   Bruce currently serves on the Executive Board for the Real Estate Research Council of Southern California

 Robyn Thompson


Robyn Thompson is the nations leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes for huge chunks of cash and is known throughout the United States and Canada as “The Queen of Rehab”.

 Over the past 14 years since Robyn left IBM, she has bought, fixed and sold 340+ homes with price ranges as low as $8,000 to as high as $3,500,000.  She has spent as much as $2,100,000 in labor and materials in one year to renovate properties with more than 22 contractors working full time to take the ugly homes she bought and turn them into little castles at lightening speed.

Robyn has taught thousands of students throughout the United States how to become financially independent. She has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Dr Phil, Mark Victor Hansen, Ron LeGrand, Marshall Sylver & many more legends.

 Robyn uses her success in the real estate business to help those less fortunate. The most critical construction project that Robyn completed was an orphanage in one of the poorest countries in the world for 165 children.

 Robyn presents the most up to date strategies for buying low and selling high to ensure large profits and that is why she is one of the most high demand speakers in the nation.


 Ron LeGrand


Ron LeGrand is the world's leading quick turn real estate expert, having bought and sold over 1,700 houses. Ron also runs a $20+ million per year information and internet marketing company, Global Publishing.
Ron teaches his students how to buy and sell real estate without using any of their own money or credit. 
Ron also teaches valuable marketing and business techniques to be successful in any business. He encourages having multiple income streams outside of real estate.












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