Sue Nelson – Super Niche: Buying Notes and Real Estate Directly From Banks


Dear Prosperity Through Real Estate Friends,

               You absolutely MUST  attend our September 3rd evening General Meeting when one of the coolest, most enthusiastic and vivacious speakers we’ve ever had, Sue Nelson,  will teach you all about a super niche that’s really hot right now:  buying notes and REO’s directly from banks!

               Wait, didn’t we learn that now is not the time for REO’s because the market is so hot and every listing in the MLS gets tons of multiple offers?     Although true, this is not Sue’s niche!  She gets ownership or control of all the properties she wants through a little unknown back door niche that’s wide open right now.  You must come learn this for yourself.

               Click here for a brief message from Sue:

               Here’s some background info on Sue:                            Sue Nelson, a mother of three, started a as a struggling art teacher  in a local high school.  Sue began investing in real estate to provide a better life and security for herself and her family.    She realized she had a lot of catching up to do and was attracted to the big profits that could be realized quickly in commercial real estate. Sue quickly discovered and created little used techniques that allowed her to take control over many commercial and residential properties.  Today she and her partners own over 1500 commercial and residential units and she is now one of the worlds leading experts on Commercial Real Estate.

               You have probably seen her on NBC, ABC, CBS or the FOX network sharing her wealth building strategies. Sue Nelson, Founder of REO Note Profits, teaches her clients to create massive wealth through the purchase or flipping of commercial real estate REOs and notes at the unbelievably discounted prices available right now, regardless of your experience in real estate. It is all about getting the deal and structuring the deal. Your profit is made when you buy. Once you find and control the deal, the money you can make with that deal is astronomical. This guest trainer gives you all of the tools you need to find the deal, analyze the deal, create your offer, and exit or hold and fund the deal for massive profits. Again, regardless of your experience!

You Will Learn:

  • How to make massive profits step by step buying REO's and Notes Directly from Banks.
  • How to take advantage of the recent banking crisis, regardless of where you're located and from the comfort of your home and regardless of your experience!
  • Why NOW is the time to buy from the most motivated seller in the market, BANKS!
  • How you can do this business with NO Experience whatsoever.
  • Why bank owned notes and properties are so plentiful and marked down at such a HUGE discount.
  • How to get past the gate keepers and have them open their inventory up to YOU.
  • How to fund your project whether you're purchasing a note or hard asset. She’ll even share with you her hedge fund to fund your deals!
  • How to maximize your profits from the strategy of your choice: Wholesaling, Rehab & Retailing, Joint Ventures, Buy and Hold, etc…
  • Sue's powerful strategy that covers both single family house & apartment investing as well as other commercial deals, and how you too can take advantage of the banking crisis, and buy commercial and residential property at bottom basement prices in your back yard or emerging market.

                This former Connecticut art teacher got into the business just a few years ago, and, let me tell you, she has risen through the Real Estate Apartment Note and REO buying ranks swiftly! Wait until you hear how she's accumulated masses of $$$ in such a short time. You will not want to miss our Tuesday evening meeting on September 3rd when she reveals her secrets on how to harness a little known, under shopped, niche – Buying Real Estate Notes and REO's Directly from Banks!

               Sue, who didn't even know what a real estate note or REO was before she first started learning about the real estate business 6 years ago, happened to "stumble" upon this niche while buying her first properties and she has not looked back since! Seems impossible she could have taken this niche, run with it, and become so successful so quickly, right? Well, she did – and teaching is in her blood, and she's going to share with you her amazing, simple-to-use techniques on how to make loads of $$$ quickly – because quickly is how we like to make $$$, right!?

               Right now, there is a huge opportunity to make $$$ quickly by buying residential and commercial real estate Notes and REO's. Why? Because banks are in trouble and crippled from bad loans that have resulted in the housing crisis.

               The only way the banks can save themselves is to sell off these bad loans. Understand that they would rather do this than take title to the property and take the owner through the foreclosure process – ultimately hurting the bank even more.

               This is why they are selling these Notes and REO's to investors like you and me… and to art teachers of course! They are being sold for 40 -60 cents on the dollar. This allows you to flip them for 60 -70 cents on the dollar!

               Come to the   September 3rd meeting and learn how she has amassed her $$$. She'll break it down even more for you so that even those that have never taken a real estate class or seminar can take advantage of  these amazing, easy-to-use techniques on making loads of $$$ quickly from buying residential and commercial notes and REO's Directly From Banks!

                It doesn’t matter if you’re primarily interested in houses, apartments or commercial properties.    These powerful strategies cover apartment investing as well as other commercial and residential deals, and how you too can take advantage of the banking crisis and buy commercial and residential property at rock bottom prices.

                We’ll meet as always at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (near Sepulveda and the 405 San Diego Freeway) on Tuesday September 3rd at 6:30 pm.    Or come early at 5:30 pm for the Pro’s Corner (Help Desk) where a successful full time real estate entrepreneur will answer your questions 1-on-1.   Our General Meetings are still without charge and include free food and coffee for the earlybirds.

See you Tuesday!

Steve Love, Co-Executive Director of Prosperity Through Real Estate


P.S.         Don't miss this opportunity to get all of the inside secrets to the amazing business of buying Commercial and Residential Notes and REO's directly from banks. Sue will share with you all of her secrets and resources of how to do this business, so you can hit the ground running from day one, regardless of your experience, credit and available funds. She always says if she can do it, a former high school teacher with no experience, YOU CAN TOO!